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Embracing Autumn’s Aromas: The Ultimate Guide for Fall Candle Scents

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From crisp apple to maple syrup or tobacco leaf – there really is no limit to the best scents of the season. Whether you love a gourmand scent or you prefer something more woodsy, you’ve got plenty of options for burning this autumn!

·       Harvest – If you love the spell of cinnamon and spice, harvest candles are perfect for you. Featuring earthy notes of grass and nuts combined with hints of cinnamon or chestnut, this scent is truly autumn in candle form.

·       Gourmand – Some of the best-scented candles are available during the autumn season – pumpkin, apple spice, caramel, and bourbon or maple syrup infused candles give you that ‘just-baked’ scent in your home. Smells delicious without the cleanup!

·       Woodsy – Sage, cedar, sandalwood – if you love an earthy scent then these are right up your alley. Look for candles with additional notes like charcoal, rose, and dried leaves to get that camping under the stars essence in the home.  

·       Cozy – From hints of cotton to cashmere sweaters and flannel, cozy candles feature notes of rose, musk, vanilla, and other essential oils. When you want to create a warm and inviting space, these are perfect options to illuminate during the autumn season.

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